Password Managers

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Some of us at DTB resisted the use of Password Management software for a very long time, simply because remembering several slightly complicated passwords seemed like a better option than having a single point of vulnerability; ie- the one passphrase on the password manager. Then LastPass got compromised and we went a little crazy for a while and refused to use anything remotely resembling a password manager.

Finally, we discovered KeePassX. KeePassX is open source, uses very strong encryption, allows you to create strong passwords from within the app, then later right-click and copy/paste user names and passwords without every having to type them (which defeats a keystroke logger). There are innumerable plug-ins, some of which allow for browser integration and synchronization across multiple machines. (Because these are open source projects and are frequently updated, we’re not going to hard link to them because as soon as we do, the url will change.) It also has mobile integration, so you can use it on your pocket device. MiniKeePass for iOS and KeePass for Android.

LastPass is still a preferred solution for many people and has full browser integration, is in the cloud so it’s easy to manage across multiple platforms, and has a very pleasant user interface, so it may be right for you.



Welcome to the Dissident’s Toolbox – An Introduction

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As I write this, it is November 10, 2016. The United States has just elected Donald J. Trump to the presidency. This will put him in charge of the most invasive and comprehensive surveillance apparatus in the history of mankind. This is a man who is so unable to control his impulses and vindictive nature that his Twitter account was taken away by his handlers.

Women, People of Color, Immigrants, Differently-Abled Persons, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Persons, Labor Activists, First Nations Activists, Environmental Activists, Privacy Activists, et al- We are all dissidents, now. Do not wait until it is too late to raise your level of privacy.

We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of some of the tools we are presenting here, but we do so in good faith and in the interest of making you harder to track, harder to monitor, harder to exploit, harder to implicate, and harder to compromise. You hold in your hand a device that makes it possible to monitor your most intimate conversations and your movements. The NSA has these tools and will be constitutionally bound to surrender information to the new Administration. Trump’s own surrogates have gleefully announced that they are making a list of their enemies.

Some of us are old enough to remember the Reagan years, when the FBI broke into the offices of peace groups and ransacked their files. The FBI also infiltrated the Civil Rights Movement and sought to disenfranchise and discredit the efforts of the greatest struggle for justice of the 20th Century.  Police more recently infiltrated the Occupy Movement with agents provocateurs in order to sow discord and disrupt the movement.

Now is the time to use encrypted email and chat, even if you are just an ordinary citizen with no radical intent. Privacy should be a given and it is not.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at Good luck.